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Name:James "Bucky" Barnes
Birthdate:Nov 24
Both muse and his mun are well over the age of 18. Bucky was born sometime in the 1920s, depending on which canon you take.

James "Bucky" Barnes used to be Captain America's sidekick during World War II, where they fought Nazis, crazed supervillains, and depending on the canon, sometimes Hydra. Then he died while Cap took a nice long freeze in the ocean. Except not really, because it turns out that Bucky was brainwashed by the Russians to be an assassin. Then Cap gave him his memories back via a cosmic cube.

Bucky is currently in prison fighting Russian bears, because the Marvel American government is more corrupt than the real world, which is a pretty impressive achievement, really.

Bucky's canon is complicated and hurts the mun's head to type out, so if you want greater details, you should head over to Wikipedia.

For SWS and Smuttysws, I usually have Bucky post-Bears but Pre-Fear Itself. My Bucky is very much 616 Bucky, but he adores most Steves.

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